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Jeremy Broun - Routing Outside the Box in Bath

Various courses available for every level of experience.

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Your imagination is the key to unleashing the full potential of what Jeremy Broun first dubbed as ´the most versatile tool in the world. One-to-one tuition/consultation in his Bath workshop.

Jeremy Broun´s association with Trend goes back to 1989 when he wrote ´The Incredible Router´ (a bestselling book for GMC Publications) promoting Trend cutters exclusively. At that time the only other book was ´Routing Techniques´ by Jim Phillips founder of Trend, so both are major pioneers in this field. Jeremy continues to promote Trend cutters and other Trend products in his definitive routing DVDs, Inspiring You Tube videos (Woodomain) and on his woodworking courses.
Jeremy is offering something quite different to the current mainstream courses that will appeal to the design-based woodworker and those keen to adopt innovative and efficient methods individual consultation/tuition in imaginative ways to use the router as a problem solver. Jeremy has produced some of the most ingenious jigs for a wide variety of applications such as furniture and guitar making and pioneered various original routed joints. His vast wealth of woodworking and design experience now spans six decades and is unrivalled. Fees are negotiable but on the basis of £35 per hour with daily discounts. Check out the short video:

Woodworking with Jeremy Broun – Router jigging

Jeremy Broun
PO Box 658
Bath BA1 6ED
01225 332738
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