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Lubricants & Cutter Cleaning


Collet brush kit

Pack of four brushes, used to remove deposits of resin, dust and corrosion from the inside of collets.

  • Made from brass to prevent score damage.
  • Brush diameters 1/4 inch, 8mm, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch.
Product Ref. Pack Qty List Price  
CB/KIT 4 piece £ 5.39 +VAT More

Cutter and collet care kit

This kit contains all the essential accessories to maximise the life of your router cutters, collets and router.

  • A collet and cutter care kit to increase the life of the cutters and the crouter collet. The kit includes a mini-diamond sharpening stone, a 60ml can of Trendicote, a 60ml can of Rust Buster, four brass brushes and a cutter care...
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Product Ref. List Price  
CCC/KIT £ 25.56 +VAT More

Lubricant wax stick

Extends sawblade life by keeping blade cool at cutting points.

  • For use when sawing aluminium.
  • Use at regular intervals.
  • Apply directly onto the teeth of a stationary blade.
  • Trendiwax is a low melting point solid lubricant for direct application to metal cutting tools, including saw blades and drills.
  • Packed in a convenient push up...
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TRENDIWAX 342 gm £ 9.51 +VAT More

Rust Protector and lubricant spray

Protects cutting tools against rust.

  • Cleans thoroughly to penetrate and loosen rusted components.
  • Penetrating and lubricates to stop squeaking.
  • Drives out water on metal surfaces.
  • Frees sticky mechanisms, un-jams and lubricates.
  • Ideal for spraying onto router cutter shanks and sawblades to prevent rust.
Product Ref. Type or Grade List Price  
RUST/60 60 ml £ 3.08 +VAT More

Spray-on resin remover & bit cleaning liquid

Spray-on resin and pitch remover.

  • Simply spray on wipe off.
  • Ideal for sawblades, router cutters, planer blades, files, wrenches and drill bits etc.
  • Excellent lubricant. Provides rust and corrosion protection.
  • Has unique properties which break the molecular bond and lifts the dirt from the tool as opposed to eating away the dirt like citrus...
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Product Ref. Type or Grade List Price  
CLEAN/500 532 ml £ 19.25 +VAT More

Spray-on resin remover & cutter cleaning liquid

Spray-on resin remover & cutter cleaning liquid. Simply spray on wipe off.

  • Supplied in pump action dispenser.
  • Ideal for sawblades, router bits, planer blades and drill bits etc.
  • Corrosion inhibiting agent prevents rusting of blades whilst being cleaned.
  • Liquid has dissolving properties that quickly and harmlessly removes caked on...
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Product Ref. Type or Grade List Price  
RESIN/100 100 ml £ 11.57 +VAT More
RESIN/600 600 ml £ 23.63 +VAT More
RESIN/2500 2500 ml £ 41.25 +VAT More

Trendicote PTFE Spray

Dry lubricant spray to increase sawblade and router cutter life.

  • Invaluable for preventing build-up of resins on metal table surfaces, sawblades and metal tooling.
  • Does not contain silicone.
  • Not for use on router plunge columns.
  • **UK mainland only**
Product Ref. Type or Grade List Price  
TRENDICOTE 500 ml £ 19.66 +VAT More [^]
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