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Lubricants & Cutter Cleaning


Cutter and collet care kit

This kit contains all the essential accessories to maximise the life of your router cutters, collets and router.

  • A collet and cutter care kit to increase the life of the cutters and the crouter collet. The kit includes a mini-diamond sharpening stone, a 60ml can of Trendicote, a 60ml can of Rust Buster, four brass brushes and a cutter care...
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Product Ref. List Price  
CCC/KIT £ 25.56 +VAT More

Spray-on resin remover & bit cleaning liquid

Spray-on resin and pitch remover.

  • Simply spray on wipe off.
  • Ideal for sawblades, router cutters, planer blades, files, wrenches and drill bits etc.
  • Excellent lubricant. Provides rust and corrosion protection.
  • Has unique properties which break the molecular bond and lifts the dirt from the tool as opposed to eating away the dirt like citrus...
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CLEAN/500 532 ml £ 19.25 +VAT More [^]
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