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Pro Storage System
Complete range of storage solutions that grows with you
High strength, rugged, capacious and manoeuvrable storage system in 3 different configuration options with dust and watertight seals, high impact resistant lids and latches

Pro Storage System
Pro Storage System Pro Storage System Pro Storage System Pro Storage System
Comprehensive range of options to suit trade, professional and hobby use A 'Mix and Match' solution to build the perfect system to work and grow with you High impact polycarbonate lids and durable Polyamide side clips and latches Compact design for easy transportation and manoeuvrability

Pro Storage System Pro Storage System Pro Storage System

Each module has three connector clips for secure connection during transport and moving from site to site.

Modules with lids have a seal to protect tools and equipment against accidental water contact.

All Pro Storage modules can be easily stacked for transportation and have interlocking lugs for easy positioning.

Pro Storage System Pro Storage System Pro Storage System

The Workstation module is a multi-function type with clamping rails built into the lid to allow work to be secured for hands free working, ideal for routing applications.

Storage compartments with removable dividers are included in the lids of some modules to allow the storage of smaller items for faster access.

The dual purpose Platform Base can be pushed or pulled along on four wheels for easy movement on flat smoother ground either on site or around the workshop or garage.

Pro Storage System Pro Storage System Pro Storage System

The 700mm Toolbox has built in wheels and front handle for easy transportation, plus storage in the lid for regularly used smaller items.

Modules can hold up to 50kg of tools or accessories, with reinforced lids capable of supporting up to 120kg direct loading.

Rubber bungees on each divider allow storage to be maximised with easy access to tools and equipment.

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  • Nine different units allow a range of configurations for maximum functionality
  • Rugged and durable, able to withstand the daily use and abuse of any jobsite, workshop or other heavy duty applications with seals for water and dust resistant protection
  • Constructed with high impact materials including Technical Polyamide double action plastic latches and Polycarbonate plastic organiser lids for high performance and durability
  • Range includes boxes with organiser/accessory lids, removable bins, removable and moveable dividers and dividers with bungee loop retainers
  • Dividers allow the boxes to be easily compartmentalised for extra adaptability and quicker access


  • Security holes in each module allow stacked boxes to be locked together or as individuals
  • Additional options to the standard kits include longer 600mm box with divider storage lid, deep storage tote and a standalone wheeled long toolbox
  • 4 piece Platform set, 3 piece Cart Set and 2 piece toolbox set options to suit workshop or mobile applications. Transporting valuable gear with ease to, from and around the workplace
  •  Ideal for power tools, hand tools and other equipment on site or to keep safe in transit
  • Perfect for transporting and keeping tools and accessories or specialist equipment and collections safe and secure such as photography, electronics, computer and DJ equipment [^]
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