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Quality Assurance US

Quality Assurance

All Trend products are subject to the most comprehensive international standards in quality assurance. Our quality system is BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited which ensures we comply with international standards.

Our computerised system is used to log all customer service contacts to ensure they are dealt with promptly and any corrective action is immediately taken.  Monthly analysis of all quality issues is made and reported at our quality meetings to ensure our service and product processes are fully effective.

Trend Professional Range TCT tooling passes rigorous safety tests to comply with regulations for woodworking tools.  This is the European standard for safety and quality based on the EN847 standard.  Up to 45 different operations including turning, brazing, heat treatment, cleaning and grinding are used in the manufacture of each Trend router cutter.  Consistently high standards are guaranteed by strict quality control procedures and inspection by our quality controllers.

In addition to the above accreditation, Trend are full members of the Woodworking Machinery Suppliers Association, the leading association for the supply of wood working machinery and tooling, as well as members of the Saw Doctors Association, the leading trade organisation that promotes excellence in the manufacture of supply of woodworking cutting tools.

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Trend Routing Technology Inc

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