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Trend Routing Centres

Trend Routing Centres

We have recently re-merchandised over 100 of our Trend Routing Centres (TRC) around the UK. These TRCs are independent retailers with a well presented and standardised Trend display, who sell a comprehensive range of Trend products that have been merchandised with an eye-catching in-store presentation.

Each TRC is committed to maximising new product campaigns and receiving exclusive end-user promotions throughout the year. Other benefits include personalised Trend catalogues, demonstrator support at shows, marketing support and a lower minimum order value, as well as a comprehensive training programme for their staff. Each TRC will then have a trained Trend specialist to give technical advice and information on Trend products to the end-user.

There is also a significant TRC presence on the stockist search of the Trend website, with all end-user leads being directed with confidence to their local TRC as their designated Trend Routing Centre.

For those stockists that do not have the space or stock commitment, Trend also have a Trend Stockist programme, which provides a smaller in-store merchandised solution, regular stock assessments and a presence on the stockist search on the Trend end-user website.

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