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Wide range of profile knives

Wide range of profile knives

We have over 140 different profiles in our range of 40mm spindle tooling knives and they all fit in one single cutter block. The knives are available in tool steel for machining soft woods and hard woods with 13 of the more popular profiles also available in tungsten carbide for machining abrasive hard woods and MDF.

Corresponding limiter plates are available for all profiles ensuring that the tooling complies with current legislation regarding hand feeding on a spindle moulder. Tongue and groove, rounding over, glue jointing and cabinet door profiles are some of the more popular items in the range which can all be found shown full size, complete with timber profile section, in our latesSawing and Spindle catalogue.

We also have a range of 50mm knives that can be used in the same block as the 40mm knives (114mm diameter, Trend Product Reference IT/7760081) allowing nearly 200 profiles to be used in one cutter head.

A six-piece starter set is available with 40mm profile knives and limiter plates (No. 001 to 006) and 100mm diameter alloy cutter block complete in a wooden storage box. Empty wooden boxes are available for putting together your own selection of profiles.

For larger profiles, we offer a range of 60mm profile knives, 5.5mm thick, for use in a dedicated cutter block.

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