1306/2WS - Saw forstner 2 inch diameter Long Series


Saw Tooth Forstner bits are made from high grade Carbon Steel and meticulously heat treated.

  • They cut fast, with the grain or across it.
  • They can drill overlapping holes in any direction and are chosen for exacting and delicate work, such as scroll and scolloping operations.
  • Not for use with routers.
  • A fast feed rate is recommended.
2 inches
50.8 mm
6 inches
Shank Dia
1/2 inch
Shank Dia
12.7 mm
Recommended max. speed
400 rpm

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Guide to Sharpen Forstner Bits Video

Quick guide on how to Sharpen Forstner Bits.

Sharpening Forstner Bits Video

Trend Guide to Sharpening Forstner Bits.

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