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Lapping Fluid 500ml
Lapping Fluid 500ml Lapping Fluid 500ml Lapping Fluid 500ml Lapping Fluid 500ml Lapping Fluid 500ml
This product includes:
  • Supplied in flip top dispenser bottle

Designed solely for use in the engineering industry for use with diamond abrasives and used for more than 30 years.

  • WD 40 or other such lubricants are too thick and result it your tool skating over the diamond surface.
  • Suitable for use with all quality diamond abrasive products. Use instead of water to reduce the threat of rusting by 95%. Reduces possibility of clogging, excessive build-up of residue and improves diamond performance.
  • A synthetic based petroleum lubricant formulated to be used with diamond compounds.
  • It has penetrating qualities and oil/water solubility, which not only increases the cutting action but also assures superior lubrication of every diamond particle throughout the honing process.
  • Use with Trend DWS diamond abrasive range to guarantee a 5-year warranty.
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Size 500 ml
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