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Guided profiler
Guided profiler Guided profiler Guided profiler Guided profiler Guided profiler

Trend Trade Guided Profiler - 12.7mm diameter

  • 12.7mm diameter X 25.4mm cutting length bearing guided profiling cutter for templating and trimming applications.
  • Shank mounted bearing for top mounted templates. Allows excellent vision of the template when used for hand held applications for easy control.
  • High quality micro-granular tungsten carbide cutting edges for maximum performance and durability on laminate, chipboard, ply, MDF and solid timber.
  • 1/4in shank for easy control in smaller routers with K mark shank to ensure safe working practices.
  • PTFE coating on the bodies minimises heat and resin build up for increased performance and longevity."
  • Supplied in a storage tube for maximum protection when transporting from job to job.

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£ 42,88
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Specifications Metric & imperial conversion
Specifications | Guided profiler
Enlarge Dimension
D 1/2 inch
D 12.7 mm
C 1 inch
C 25.4 mm
OL 70.8 mm
Shank Diameter 1/4 inch
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