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Aqua 21 strip

Aqua 21 strip

Strip is fitted into the door frame rebate (head and jambs) as three cut pieces forming a compression or wiping seal.

  • The seal is butt joined at the corners.
  • To seal the door bottom, a weather bar is mounted into the threshold section.
  • It is important that the seal does not abut the weather bar but runs to the threshold section in...
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Aqua 21 stripAqua 21 stripAqua 21 strip
Product Ref. OL
Type or Grade List Price  
AQ21/B/10 10M Brown £ 42,88 More
AQ21/B/25 25M Brown £ 100,03 More
AQ21/W/10 10M White £ 42,88 More
AQ21/W/25 25M White £ 100,03 More
Aqua 63 strip

Aqua 63 strip

Weather strip is fitted into the window frame aperture using four cut lengths.

  • It is important to create tight butt or notched joints to ensure high levels of window performance.
  • Joints can be enhanced by the application of a small amount of silicone mastic.
  • When fitted, it is necessary to notch the seal end.
Aqua 63 stripAqua 63 stripAqua 63 strip
Product Ref. OL
Type or Grade List Price  
AQ63/B/10 10M Brown £ 28,19 More
AQ63/B/25 25M Brown £ 64,73 More
AQ63/W/10 10M White £ 28,19 More
AQ63/W/25 25M White £ 64,73 More [^]
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