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Arched Mouldings

Arched Mouldings
  Decorative edgings for archways or arch formers for brickwork can all be made using a simple beam trammel attached to the router.
1. Construct the beam trammel from 1/4¨ plywood and 4Ó in width. The length will depend on the diameter of the arch.
Arched Mouldings
  2. To fix the router securely, a 30mm guide bush fitted to the base of the router locates in a pre-drilled hole in the end, allowing for adequate support for the router. Alternatively, the wood trammel can be screwed onto the base of the router using two of the threaded holes in itŐs base.
Arched Mouldings
  3. A pin is used to pivot the trammel. This can either be a screw or nail, or a bolt which is drilled through the plywood allowing the trammel to rotate.
4. A decorative mould can be built up, using a variety of panelling cutters. Flute spacing and depth of cut can be adapted to suit.
5. The next operation is to cut the arch with a straight cutter and remove the waste. Reposition the router and repeat for the inner radius. The moulding of the inner and outer edges can be carried out either by using an ovolo cutter before cutting the arch free, or afterwards using a bearing guided ovolo.
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