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Environmental Policy UK

We are committed to reducing the impact of our products to the environment through design and process.  The re-use of recycled materials reduces the demand for raw materials and helps prevent environmental pollution. Packaging and used products should be sorted for environmentally friendly recycling. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and strive to minimise waste generation, re-use and recycle materials where possible.

Packaging should be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling. Our packaging is marked with a symbol which denotes that it can be recycled. For more details of the symbols used and where packaging can be recycled please see click here.

Non Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)
Non EEE products, including accessories at the end of their life should be sorted for environmental- friendly recycling. For more details where products can be recycled please see click here.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)
UK Producer No. WEE/DC0043SY/PRO

EEE product is marked with the symbol shown. This requires separate collection. The product must not be disposed of with normal household waste.

Household User
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the household, at municipal waste sites or by retailer when you purchase a new product.
Please call Trend Customer Services on  00 44 1923 249911 for advice as to how to dispose of unwanted Trend electrical product in an environmentally safe way or click here.

Business User
Trend Service Agens (TSA´s) can be used as collection points on our behalf for unwanted Trend electrical Products. For the location of your nearest Trend Service Agent,  see our Stockist Locator or alternatively ofr further details please call Trned customer Services on 00 44 1923 249911 or email

Batteries are marked with a symbol which denotes battery type. In this case the symbol shown is for Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries. Trend also use Lithium Metal batteries.  When a battery pack needs replacing we recommend the following:

Discharge the energy from the batteries by running down the batteries completely, then remove the tool. Ni-MH and Lithium Metal cells are recyclable; so do not throw them away with your household waste. They may end up in a incinerator or landfill, which must be avoided. Instead take batteries to a Trend Service Agent, your local distributor or local recycling station. If necessary, contact your local municipality for disposal information. The collected batteries will be disposed of properly and/or used for recycling purposes.

Please contact us for additional information and assistance:

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