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Help Information

This index is arranged into the following sections. Click sections and questions that match your query.

Registration and signing in to my account           Back to Top

Why do I need to register with

You need to register an account with to be able to purchase online.  Your details are required to remain in our system in order to complete your purchase.

Which of the registration options should I use on the Log In/Register page?

If you have already created your Trend account then you would simply select the log in option and verify your email and password.  If you are entering the Trend websight for the first time, you would need to register your account and therefore you would select the Register option and following through the procedure.

My email address/password is not being recognised by the Sign In page, even though I have bought from Trend before - why is this?

Your email and password is case sensitive, be sure to log in using correct case and characters. 

How do I sign in to my account?   

Simply Log in and enter your email address and password.

I tried to Sign In but I receive a ´password provided was incorrect´ error message, why?

It could be that you are not using case sensitive characters or you have forgotten your password and therefore entered incorrectly.

I´ve forgotten my password, what do I do next?

Click on the forgotten your password option.  An email will be sent to you advising of your password.  Once received Log in and try again using the correct details.

How do I know if I´m signed in to my account?

Once you have signed in, you see a message at the top Welcome back Mr Customer followed by options such as view your account, see your basket, log out, etc.

Ordering      Back to Top

Can I have my order delivered to an address that is different to my billing address?

When placing your order, you will have the option to change the delivery address by order.  Each time you enter a new delivery address, the details will be stored in your own address book.

I need to delete an old address from my Address Book, where is this option?

When you select My Account, you will be faced with various options relative to account management.  Within this section you have the opportunity to edit your address book whereby you can amend or delete records as and when required.

I´ve been adding products to my basket, I´ve just signed into my account and extra products have now been added - where have they come from?

If on a previous visit you selected items and saved them to your basket for processing at a later, however, in the meantime you may have forgotten that you have a saved basket and therefore when selecting to products for your basket, they will add to the existing list.  You need to clear your basket to create a new one or delete the non-required items.

I´ve got to the delivery address or payment stage of checking out but I need to change my basket, can I?

When you have selected your items, prior to proceeding to payment options, you will be faced with a check your order page.  This page gives you the option to amend products by removing the incorrect item and to continue shopping.

Can I order products that state ´Currently Out of Stock´?

You can place your order for out of stock products.  The order will be placed on back order and will be despatched as soon as availability permits.  If you do not wish to leave the item on back order then you can remove the item and try again at a later date.

I´m still waiting for my order, with reference WWXXXX, where is it?

By selecting ´My Account´, you can select Order Tracking from within this section.  Search for the correct reference and enter into the record.  This will give you an update as to the status of your order.

I´ve ordered the incorrect item(s), what can I do?

If you confirm an order and realise that the item is incorrect, please contact our sales team immediately who will be able to intercept the order and amend accordingly.  Should you discover upon delivery that you have ordered the incorrect item, please contact our customer services department who will authorise the return of the product.  Please refer to the returns section within our Technical Support page.

Editing my account         Back to Top

How do I edit my account options?

You must select ´My Account´ before you can edit or maintain any part of your account.

Edit My Details

Account Maintenance allows you to maintain your account ensuring the most up to date information is always registered.

View Your Saved Baskets

Select view saved baskets will allow you to view previously save items whereby you can delete or add products as required.

View Previous Orders

This allows you to view orders that you have previously placed and confirmed on line.  This option could help in situations such as re-ordering of a product if unsure of part number, confirming despatch number and purchase date required by customer services should you have a problem.

Edit My Address Book

When purchasing products and having them delivered to addresses other than the invoice/billing address, they are stored in your address book specific to your account.  Should you need to amend, delete or add data to the address book, this option allows you to do so.

Browsing for products    Back to Top

How do I find products?

All products are listed under their own category, simply select the catelgory required.

Catalogue & DVDs menu

We have several catalogues, DVD´s and videos.  All are displayed under this menu.


If you are certain of the part number to which you require more information, you are able to enter the part number directly into the search box and it will take you directly to the actual product.  Alternatively enter a suitable word or phrase.

How do I find detailed product information?

Each product has basic information with an option called ´more´.  Select this option and it will open a page specifically for that product in more detail.

I would like to view product prices with/without VAT, is there this option?

The price displayed on the product page is the price without VAT.  When you select to purchase and proceed to check out, the order calculates and displays the amount of vat you will be charged.

Placing an order      Back to Top

I´ve found my products, how do I order them?

To order the product chosen, simply select basket.

How do I add products to my basket?

Clicking on the add to order button, adds the product to your order.

How can I view the contents of my basket?

At the top of the page, you have the option to view order.  This will allow you to see all items in current basket awaiting submission.

I would like to save the contents of my basket for future ordering, can I?

By going into your account management site, you will be able to view all previously confirmed orders.

How do I reload a Saved Basket?

In your account management site, you have the option to view all saved baskets.  Select the one required for viewing.

I´ve got incorrect products and/or quantities in my basket, how do I edit my basket?

At the end of each product line within your basket, you have a check box for flagging the item to be removed.  Once selection is made, refresh the order by clicking the recalculate button and you will see the incorrect item is no longer listed.

How do I continue to the Checkout and complete my order?

When you are happy with the content of your order, simply click proceed to check out and following the instructions.

Alternatively, can I place an order over the phone or buy products?

We are unable to take orders over the phone.  Please purchase online or use the stockist search and select a mail order Trend stockist.  If you are an overseas customer with no country stockist, please email Dave McCormack ([email protected] for USA or Jan Hughes ([email protected] for everywhere else.

Special offers    Back to Top

A product has two prices, one in red and another in brackets: ´was £x´, what is this based on?

Where there are two prices, it represents a special price and specific sign.  The explanations are listed below:

Available to Special Order:

If product is not readily available in your country, your fulfilment agent may order the product specifically on your behalf.

On Promotion:

A promotional price relates to a current promotion on a particular product that will show a ´was´ price and a ´promotional´ price.

B Stock:

A new product that has been shop soiled or damaged packaging and therefore cannot be sold at normal price. (12 month warranty will still apply)

C Stock:

Operational product that has slight damage, i.e. scratched, minor defect or refurbished product that cannot be sold as new. (12 month warranty will still apply)

Coming Soon:

Products due to be launched but not yet available for purchase.


Bespoke products specifically branded for B&Q and can only be purchased through a B&Q store.


Bespoke products specifically branded for Screwfix and can only be purchased at a Screwfix trade counter.

General queries   Back to Top

Can I request a printed catalogue?

You can select the catalogue on line and place in your basket at usual or email a request using our catalogue required page.

I would like to join the Trend Email Club, how do I do this?

Under your account maintenance site, you have the option to choose whether you wish to receive Newsletter or not.  If you select this option, you will be automatically placed on our mailing database to receive information updates.

How do I unsubscribe from the Trend Email Club?

As before, simply de-select the Trend enews option.

I have lost my original product manual, can you supply a replacement?

By using the download section of our website, you will be able to access all manuals, instructions, images, wiring diagrams, etc. or alternatively add them to your basket.

Can I buy Trend gift vouchers?    Back to Top

Gift vouchers can be purchased on line and can be found under the DVD, Books and Clothing section of our website.


Please contact us should you require additional assistance:

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