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Wooden Biscuits

Biscuits size No.20

Biscuits size No.20

Trend biscuits are made of die cut beech.

  • Allows easy construction across a multitude of applications using simple butt joints and slotted biscuit grooves for quickly constructed very strong joints on joinery, furniture and framing.
  • Used with PVA adhesives, the moisture in the glue expands the beech biscuits to form a solid bond that locks...
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Biscuits size No.20Biscuits size No.20Biscuits size No.20
Product Ref. Type or Grade Pack Qty List Price  
BSC/20/100 Size 20 100 pack £ 7.81 +VAT More
BSC/20/1000 Size 20 1000 pack £ 34.39 +VAT More [^]
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