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Health & Safety

Health & Safety
  Always switch off the router and isolate from mains the supply when changing cutters or making adjustments to the router.
Health & Safety
  Remove loose items such as locking bars and allen keys from the router and adjacent working surfaces.
Before re-connecting to the mains supply, make sure the power switch is in the ‘off’ position.
Ensure that the power cable is kept well away from the cutter and cannot tangle or catch on the workpiece, jig or fittings.
Health & Safety
  Check before starting to cut that clamps will not obstruct the path of the router. When cutting through the full thickness of the material, ensure that the cutter cannot foul the vice, bench edge or other obstacles beneath the workpiece.
Health & Safety
  Always wear eye protection such as goggles or a full face visor.
Always wear ear defenders if routing for a lengthy period.
Do not allow objects to dangle over the work area, i.e. do not wear loose clothing such as a tie. Roll sleeves back and ensure long hair is tied back.
Health & Safety
  Keep fingers clear of the cutter and never try to slow or stop the cutter by hand.
Always keep other people away from the work area to avoid being startled by sudden interruptions.
Practice the procedure first before starting to cut and concentrate carefully on what you are doing throughout the operation.
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