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Health & Safety Continued

Health & Safety Continued
  For prolonged routing operations use dust extraction equipment, particularly with materials such as Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). Alternatively use a ventilated filtered visor, which also acts as an eye protector.
Never leave cutters lying where they can cause injury or be damaged against other tools. Always return cutters safely to a storage rack, wallet or case.
Health & Safety Continued
  Before switching on, and between each operation, check that all locking knobs, nuts and screws are fully tightened. Check that anti-vibration springs are fitted to each locking nut as original specification and consider fitting them to those machines not supplied with them as standard.
Health & Safety Continued
  When cutting circles, do not allow the cable to twist excessively. Regularly switch off and unwind the cable in the reverse direction.
Before making any adjustments, make sure the router has come to a complete stop and remove the plug. Never leave the router running unattended.
Health & Safety Continued
  Always feed the cutter into the material against the rotation of the cutter when using the router portably.
If the cutter is protruding from the base of the router, i.e. fixed at a set cutting depth, do not switch the router on with the cutter in contact with the workpiece. When the operation has been completed, a simple stand can be used to avoid accidents while the cutter is still revolving.
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