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Cutter Quality

Cutter Quality
  Cutter Quality
The key to achieving ultimate performance and durability is in selecting cutters produced to high standards of materials and workmanship. Always ensure cutters are purchased from a reputable manufacturer who has a quality control system such as ISO 9002. Access to practical after sales technical support and advice, from the manufacturer or agents, is essential in ensuring confidence and satisfaction when purchasing your cutter.
The Trend Technical Support Department technicians, staffed by experienced tradesmen and engineers, are available to give practical advice on cutter selection, setting-up, jig-making and routing techniques. Their expertise is trusted by thousands of routers users each year, ranging from DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers right up to multi-national manufacturing organisations.
The Trend Professional Range tooling will satisfy the most demanding applications of professional woodworkers, builders and joiners. In manufacturing industry, Trend tooling fulfils the needs of modern routing technology, when complex machining performance relies on the highest possible standard of tooling. A wide variety of tooling forms and designs are offered for virtually any application or material in use today.
The Trend Craft Range is specifically suited to the needs of the leisure craftsmen and home improvement enthusiast for performance and value. The range has tungsten carbide tipped cutters with 1/4¨ diameter shanks, although certain popular shapes are offered on 8mm and 1/2¨ diameter shanks. They can be used on all man-made boards including medium density fibre board (MDF) and chipboard, as well as natural timbers and plastics.
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