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2020 News

T32 M Class Site Vac and Dust Extractor  

T32 M Class Site Vac and Dust Extractor

Air Pro Max Battery Powered Respirator  

Air Pro Max Battery Powered Respirator

Adjustable Benchtop Roller Stand  

Adjustable Benchtop Roller Stand

Single Pocket Hole Jig  

Single Pocket Hole Jig

The New 2020 Trend Catalogue is here!  

The New 2020 Trend Catalogue is here!

Complementing the Compact and Pro Storage Systems, the new Trend Tool Bag Range  

Complementing the Compact and Pro Storage Systems, the new Trend Tool Bag Range

Our brand new Pro Storage Range - Designed for the rough & tumble of the jobsite  

Our brand new Pro Storage Range - Designed for the rough & tumble of the jobsite

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10th January: Our brand new Pro Storage Range - Designed for the rough & tumble of the jobsite

  Our brand new Pro Storage Range - Designed for the rough & tumble of the jobsite  
  It is designed to have the flexibility to work with you. Ruggedness, strength and durability are all qualities the Pro Storage has, to endure the day to day rough and tumble of the jobsite and extreme conditions.

The Trend Pro Storage system is built around three different starter kits comprising of either a 2 piece Toolbox Set, a 3 piece Cart Set or a 4 piece Platform Set. There are additional storage module options to expand or build your own storage set to suit your own needs and requirements.

Strength, flexibility and water resistance are key factors with the Trend Pro Storage System. Using premium materials across the board, every module within the system is built with resilience to high impact and includes heavy duty Technical Polyamide latches and many feature polycarbonate organiser lids.
The standard lids are reinforced and capable of taking loads up to 120kg easily coping with localised stress impact from falling objects also allowing them to be either stood or sat on.

The lids also have flexible rubber seals that once closed and latched, give water resistance to IP66 rating which protects the contents from dust and high pressure water ingress.
This ensures power tools, electronic equipment and other valuable kit is safe from the elements such as rain, sleet or snow and can withstand accidental water spillage and splashes.

Storage flexibility and adaptable solutions are equally key and include modules with lift out storage bins and clear polycarbonate lids for easy identification of contents.
Other modules have interchangeable dividers for compartmentalising to adapt and suit different tools or equipment. Bungee cords are available as well on bigger dividers allowing tools to be stored against them for easier selection when required.

External strengthening ribs on each module keep the internal walls smooth and square for maximum storage capacity, allowing a full kit of tools to be transported easily.
For security, all the lids have holes to allow padlocks to be used and locked individually or by using a wire loop through holes to secure them as a set.

The 2 piece Toolbox Set comprises of the two wheeled Cart Pro and the 500mm Toolbox.
The Cart Pro has a built in extendable aluminium handle for moving from job to job, with a tilting function to allow full access to the box when the lid is lifted.
Two bungee removable dividers can be used to alter the compartments for different storage options, and with a 500mm deep profile, it will hold bigger tools and bulkier equipment with ease.
The 500mm Toolbox clips directly to the Cart Pro lip for transportation and with its wide length flip up handle it is designed to be used as a portable toolbox for taking a smaller kit of tools or equipment from place to place without taking the wheeled base.
It has a clear lip compartmented organiser lid and a lift out tote for increased storage options.

The 3 piece Cart Set compromises of the Cart Base, a 200mm Organiser and a multi-function 350mm Workstation Rail module. The 200mm Organiser has twin clear polycarbonate organiser compartments in the lid for smaller and more used items. This allows for faster access with the internal compartment divided with six lift out bins for fixings and small components with dividers to leave a central open area for bigger items.

The Workstation Rail module has increased adaptability with a lid that has a full length ‘V’ groove channels for use as a sawing aid to hold the work steady.
Two aluminium ‘T’ track rails in the lid are designed to be used with optional clamps to secure workpieces for hands -free working.

The 4 piece Platform Set has two large wheels in the base platform with a steel axle plus two swivel and lockable castors for easy manoeuvring and stable positioning during transport and in use.
A 450mm basic module offers deeper capacity for storing and transporting bigger items. It has two removable bungee dividers for additional storage options.
The two additional storage boxes make up the 4 piece set which are identical to the 3 piece Cart Set; the 200mm Organiser and the 350mm Workstation Rail modules.
The Platform Base can be easily moved from place to place with a maximum loading of a 100kg during transporting operations. The 4 piece set can also be tilted and moved along as a cart set and allows it to be moved easily over rougher ground, up steps and kerbs.

The Workstation Rail Lid configuration is replicated in the standalone 700mm Longer tool Box.
This has two additional ‘T’ slots plus two clear lid storage compartments. A top handle which allows it to be moved easily over rougher ground, up steps and kerbs.
It also allows it to be lifted, as well as front handle and two rear wheels for pulling along to the work place.
The internal space can be compartmentalised using the three internal bungee dividers to adapt to your requirements.

Further optional modules for the 2,3 and 4 piece sets include an Open Tote with two bungee dividers and a 600mm Toolbox.
The 600mm Toolbox has the same configuration as the 500mm Toolbox with a clear lid and dividers, an internal tote and full length hinged handle.

As well as the construction, automotive and industrial applications, the Trend Pro System with its water-resistant capability works perfectly in areas where water ingress is a potential issue such, as boatbuilding and boat restoration. It is also ideal for anglers to store and take fishing gear to the shore, river or lakeside highlighting how it lends itself to any situation where secure, safe transportation and storage of valuable accessories is a priority.

Product Specifications:

Toolbox 500
Product Ref. MS/P/TB1

Case 200 with organisers
Product Ref. MS/P/200P

Case 350 with rails
Product Ref. MS/P/350R

Case 450
Product Ref. MS/P/450

Toolbox 600
Product Ref. MS/P/TB2

Tote 200 with dividers
Product Ref. MS/P/200TD

Wheeled Toolbox with organisers & rails
Product Ref. MS/WTBR

Product Ref. MS/P/PLAT

Product Ref. MS/P/CART

2 Piece Cart Set
Product Ref. MS/P/SET2C

3 Piece Cart Set
Product Ref. MS/P/SET3C

4 Piece Platform Set
Product Ref. MS/P/SET4P

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