PH/JIG/C - Trend Twin Pocket Hole Jig


Adaptable and portable Go Anywhere Pocket Hole Jig for new projects, strengthening and repair work in materials from 12.7mm up to 38mm thick

  • 1.Twin Pockets can be used for drilling two holes for increased strength or single holes for narrower components
  • 2.Full Length Hardened Drill Guides for precision pockets and long life span
  • 3.Wide Material Dimensions Range covers stock from 12.7mm to 38mm
  • 4.Unlimited Material Width can be easily relocated across any material width for infinite pocket hole positioning
  • 5.Multi-Function ideal for making repairs to existing work, constructing smaller projects and heavy duty builds
  • 6.Adaptable for multiple jointing styles and applications
  • 7.Compact and Portable fits easily into a pocket or tool pouch, always readily to hand
  • 8.Fast Setup easy adjustments for different component sizes
  • 9.Quick Set Drill and Timber Setting sliding Set Up Gauge sets the correct drilling depth and jig position for different material thicknesses
  • 10.Trend Snappy Chuck Compatible supplied with high quality HSS stepped drill and No2 square Drive bit with quick change hex shanks
  • 11.Ready To Go supplied complete with HSS Stepped drill, 150mm Square Drive driver bit and selection of screws
  • 12.Magnetic Clamp plate aids location of the jig when clamping
  • 13.Multi Material compatibility Ideal for jointing in hard and softwoods and sheet materials
Product Image Product Ref Diagram No Description Quantity Required Price for 1
PH/COLL/95 - Pocket hole drill collar 9.5mm PH/COLL/95 10

Pocket hole drill collar.

    1 £4.22
    PH/DRILL/95QS - Pocket hole drill 9.5mm short shank PH/DRILL/95QS 09

    A short shank 9.5mm diameter stepped High Speed Steel drill for use with Pocket Hole Jigs.

    • Supplied with depth setting collar.
    • Can be fitted to the Quick Chuck or directly into the drill chuck.
    1 £16.96
    SNAP/SQ/2B - Trend Snappy square No 2 bit 150mm OL SNAP/SQ/2B 11

    Trend Snappy Robertson No2 Driver Bit - 150mm long

    • 150mm long bit ideal for use with Trend Pocket Hole screws and Pocket hole Jigs
    • Allows screws to be driven in easily at the correct angle when assembling pockethole joinery without the drill chuck catching the workpieces.
    • For use with Robertson screws; the ideal fixing for maximum driving performance without cam out issues.
    • 1/4in hex shank for a direct fit for impact drivers or all Trend Snappy chucks ensuring fast swapping between accessories.
    • Bit size of1/8in (3.2 mm) covers the most popular screw sizes.
    1 £7.67
    WP-AP/03 - Hex key short arm 3mm A/F WP-AP/03 20

    Replacement hex key.

      1 £1.06


      Twin Pocket hole Jig PH/JIG/C Overview

      Video overview of the Twin Pocket Hole Jig.

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