Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

Trend Abrasives

Trend Abrasive Ranges

A new range of innovative, high performance abrasives designed to tackle every aspect of sanding from aggressive fast stock removal through to fine finishing across a wide range of materials including wood, metal, paint, plaster and plastic

Open coating system and mesh design helps to prevent clogging and allow dust extraction

Available in a range of grits from extra coarse 40 up to extra fine 240.

3x/4x/5x longer lifespan compared to traditional abrasives

Sanding solutions for every machine, including orbital sanders, 1/3rd sheet, detail, delta and belts

Why choose Trend Abrasives?

Read about the advantages of our new line of abrasives in the following slides

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Aluminium Oxide

Trend's range of Aluminium Oxide abrasives are designed for high quality, consistent results whether trade, professional or keen hobbyist level and is a great all-rounder for general sanding applications.


Tend's Zirconium range of abrasives are designed for heavier sanding applications where sharp, ultra-durable grit is needed for fast stock removal or stripping back multiple layers of paint or other finishes.


Trend's range of Mesh abrasives use ultra-hard silicon carbide grit for superior performance, durability and speed - offering up to 5 x longer lifespan when compared to conventional abrasives.

Just SOME of the Trend Abrasives Range