Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 


UK´s No1 seller Double sided Fine / Coarse diamond stone. 

Always sharpen the router on the flat side Ð never touch the profile otherwise you will change the shape of the cutter.

Sharpen the cutter from new with three or four light strokes to each face. Count the amount of strokes on one side of the cutter and then repeat to the other to keep it in balance.

Keep the cutter sharp so that it works as it is designed to do. Do not wait until it is blunt before sharpening as this will require excessive honing or professional re-sharpening.
Sending cutters away for professional re-sharpening may result in losing excessive surface material.

Regular maintenance will result in the life of the cutter being prolonged.

Narrow thickness of the Credit Card sharpener (0.8mm) allows easy access to small and anti-kickback round form cutters.

Fine (600 grit) for tungsten carbide (TCT).

Coarse (350 grit) for high speed steel (HSS).

Always sharpen the flat face, never touch the profile edge.

Count the amount of strokes to one side then repeat on the other to keep the cutter in balance.

Keep the diamond surfaces flat to the face of saw tooth.

Use light, smooth strokes in a back and forth motion to each of the saw teeth.

Keep same angle as knife bevel.

Stroke away from the body with alternate light strokes.

Align whetstone flush with the bevel edge.

Stroke softly along the edge then turn over, place the whetstone flat on the blade and remove any burr that has been created. Repeat on other blade.

Use fine for scissors and coarse for shears.

Place the bevel edge flush with the diamond surface then roll gently to sharpen the edge.

Remove burr using the tapered pen file.

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