1307/38WS - Saw forstner 3/8 inch diameter Short Series


Saw Tooth Forstner bits are made from high grade Carbon Steel and meticulously heat-treated.

  • They cut fast, with the grain or across it.
  • Multi-spur peripheral tool with centre tip.
  • They can drill overlapping holes in any direction and are chosen for exacting and delicate work, such as scroll and scalloping operations.
  • Forged steel for increased resistance to wear, with large chip free zones for excellent chip clearance.
  • Shanks ground to reduce vibration and improve the quality of the cut.
  • Not for use with routers.
  • A fast feed rate is recommended.
3/8 inch
9.5 mm
57.15 mm
88.9 mm
3 1/2 inches
Shank Dia
3/8 inch
Shank Length
31.75 mm
Recommended max. speed
2000 rpm

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