Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 


16th February - 30th March 2023

Yeti Trend CNC SmartbenchYeti Trend CNC Smartbench
Trend Yeti Trend CNC SmartbenchTrend Yeti Trend CNC Smartbench

Available in full-sheet or half-sheet size

Smartbench OverviewSmartbench Overview

Intuitive Touch Screen Controls

Portable & Fast Setup

Autonomous Cutting

3 Axis Control

Wi-Fi/USB Connectivity

Dust Collection Safety Feature

Trend CNC SmartBench - Take precise machining to the jobsite.Trend CNC SmartBench - Take precise machining to the jobsite.
CNC Smartbench ApplicationsCNC Smartbench Applications

Boat Building

Garden Furniture


Exhibition Stands

Furniture Making

Guitar Making

Set Design

Interior Design

Sign Making

Camper Van Re-fits

Classic Cars

The CNC SmartBench allows you to create and cut complex shapes with amazing accuracy and without the trial and error often needed, letting the machine bring the skill and the steady hand. Explore just a few capabilities of the CNC SmartBench below:

The CNC SmartBench Gallery

See how the CNC SmartBench can help renovate classic cars

CNC Smartbench FeaturesCNC Smartbench Features

2500mm (Y) x 1250mm (X) or 1250mm (Y) x 1250mm (X) sheet size with a cutting height of 150mm (Z).

Assembles in 3 minutes or less.

Very accurate with a tolerance of 0.5mm.

Extraction system for clean operation.

Easy removal of router unit for cutter changes.

Automatic adjustment of cutter height.

Precision Pro model with variable speed router & feedback.

Simple touchscreen controls.

Wi-Fi/USB Connectivity for simple file transfer.

CNC Smartbench FeaturesCNC Smartbench Features

NEW YetiPilot constantly monitors spindle load and reacts to ever-changing mid-job variations, optimising jobs and resulting in improved job success.

NEW SC2 Spindle with advanced communications works in conjunction with YetiPilot, unlocking live load sensing, live speed & temperature feedback 

NEW Job Recovery allows the user to restart the job from the point it was interrupted or cancelled.

CNC Smartbench DetailsCNC Smartbench Details
  • The Precision Pro & Precision Pro Plus model have a variable-speed router and digital speed control.
  • Full 2500mm x 1250mm (8' x 4') panel machining can be achieved on the Smartbench, with a cutting height of almost 150mm (6").
  • The Smartbench Compact can cut a 1250mm x 1250mm (4' x 4') sheet with a cutting height of almost 150mm (6").
  • Longer items can be tiled in the software allowing you to machine products that are longer than the Y-Axis. 
  • With a 3-minute setup time, the SmartBench revolutionizes the industry by allowing you to take precise machining to the job site. 
  • Featuring a colour touchpad handheld control unit that can receive jobs/cutting instructions via wi-fi or USB drive.
  • A light compactable frame which is easily transportable by van or car and can be stored in even the tightest of workshops/industrial units.
  • With Auto Tool Stop if the spindle is in constant overload, 
    real-time spindle load display and a laser X/Y Datum set point system, everything has been reimagined in designing this industrial-grade, user-friendly smart router.
  • The machine comes dust collection ready and can be used with dust extractors with a 38mm (outside diameter) hose.

Precision Pro Plus Exclusive Details

YetiPilot V1.0

  • Reduced new material feeds and speeds learning curve.
  • Auto job strategy optimisation.
  • Ever increasing preset profiles based on material type, cutter dia and cutter type.
  • Custom profile feature where you can create your own adaptive feed profile.
  • Blunt cutter job fail protection.
  • Spindle health check.

SC2 Spindle

  • Live loading sensing.
  • Live speed feedback.
  • Live temperture feedback.
  • Local storage of brush time, to enable hot swapping of spindles.
  • Local storage of total run time and ID.
  • Higher resolution failsafe shutdown counter.

Job Recovery

  • Time saving in the event of job interuption.
  • Resart nudge feature to achieve exact tool head position in the event of some missed steps.
  • Allow for tool changing if it becomes blunt or damaged.

Console 2

  • Increased CPU Speed 1.5 GHz.
  • Increased RAM 4GB.
  • Increased Memory 32 GB.
  • Second USB port.
  • Improved thermal management.
  • 10% quicker boot time.
  • 2.5 times faster file load speed.
  • Easy SD card replacement.
  • Increased file segment preview.


Sign up for a FREE Online or In-person (Trend Head Office) demonstration of the Yeti Trend CNC Smartbench.

Every demonstration is based on YOUR requirements!

You can work with specific materials or bring your own designs, so you can see first-hand, the capabilities of the SmartBench and find out if it suits your type of work.

We will also run through all the CNC SmartBench basic features including: The machine, Software, Tooling & Extraction.

The demonstration will be run by John Tigg, Trend CNC Manager, who has over 30 years of experience using CNC machines.

Watch our webinar on the feature packed CNC SmartBench
You will learn about 

• How easy the SmartBench is to use.

• The main parts/features of the SmartBench.

• What you should look for if you are wanting to get into CNC.

• How quickly and easily the SmartBench can be set up.

• How to use the software.

• How to set the machine up for cutting a simple design.

CNC Smartbench Featured ProductsCNC Smartbench Featured Products

Take CNC routing out of the factory and into your workshop with SmartBench, the patented large-format, CNC router from YetiTool & Trend. The world's first industrial, portable, 3D CNC router

Yeti Trend CNC Precision Pro SmartBench

Full 2500mm x 1250mm Sheet size




Yeti Trend CNC Precision Pro Plus SmartBench

Full 2500mm x 1250mm Sheet size with YetiPilot V1




Yeti Trend CNC Precision Pro Compact SmartBench

Half 1250mm x 1250mm Sheet size




Yeti Trend CNC Precision Pro Compact Plus SmartBench

Half 1250mm x 1250mm Sheet size with YetiPilot V1




Other Featured Products

CNC Smarbench SpecificationsCNC Smarbench Specifications

Max.movement X-axis

1265 mm

Max.speed X

6 m/m

Max.movement Y-axis

2515 mm

Max.speed Y

6 m/m

Max.movement Z-axis

152 mm

Max.speed Z

2 m/m

Max. sheet cut size

2500 x 1250 mm

Max. depth of material

152 mm

Spindle collet

ER16 Max. shank 10 mm

Component tolerance

+/- 0.5 mm

Spindle speed

5000-24000 rpm

Machine size length

2680 mm

Machine size width

1650 mm

Machine size height

1350 mm


105 Kg