Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

2017 News

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7th December: New Air Stealth P3(R) Half Mask

Air Stealth (P3) Mask

The Air Stealth is a new compact and lightweight half mask respirator with full P3 protection; suitable for protection from all woodworking nuisance dusts including MDF as well as other industrial dusts such as silica, glass fibre and also agricultural related dusts.

It´s design incorporates easy to change flat filters that locate behind hinged access grilles, while the large filter area offers less breathing resistance in use to keep comfort levels maintained as you work.

Manufactured from high-grade materials, the mask is odour free and non-allergenic with latex and silicone free Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) offering a soft, comfortable fit to the face while sealing against inward leakage beyond the standard recommendation for maximum protection. The HEPAC (High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite) filters protect to higher than industry standard requirements, capturing 99.99% of all airborne particles of 0.3 microns and above, including aerosol emissions.

With the flat filter design, the mask offers superb all-round vision as you work making it ideal for high volume dust generating woodworking applications such as routing, sanding and woodturning. The mask can also be used with prescription or safety glasses and is designed with the exhalation vent mounted at the bottom of the mask to prevent fogging and misting as you breathe.

Replacement filters are available including a carbon filter option to deal with nuisance odours and fumes while still offering full P3 protection.

Key Features:

  • New generation P3R half mask, ergonomically designed with low profile design.
  • Offers less breathing resistance.
  • Less clogging pressure and inward leakage.
  • Approval P3(R) APF20 x WEL.
  • Protects the user against airborne particles, oil aerosols, mist, welds and fumes.
  • Twin HEPAC* pleat encapsulated design filter provides 99.99% filtration of airborne particles and aerosols at 0.3 micron and above.
    Exhalation valve on bottom of face piece, ensuring no exhalation fumes steam or fog of any glasses/visors.
  • Protective grill covers 100% of filter surface.
  • Grill protects filter from moisture and particulates, ensuring it performs better in clogging pressure and filtration efficiency

24th November: Black Friday Special Offers

This Black Friday head to your nearest Trend Routing Centre or Stockist for great offers on our T5 Router and Workshop Routing Table (WRT). Whats more, our Black Friday promotion is on top of our existing promotion and can be added ontop of the savings already available on our T5, WRT and T5 Kits and WRT Kits.

Black Friday special promotion

  • Claim £20 worth of Trend Vouchers when you purchase a T5 or T5 Promotional Kit.
  • Claim £50 worth of Trend Vouchers when you purchase a Workshop Routing Table (WRT) or WRT Promotional Kit

For full details ask in store or visit our online claim form.

Offer ends Friday December 1st 2017.

2nd November: New Trend Mirror Paste

Trend Mirror Paste

Complementing the range of diamond sharpening options offered by Trend, this latest addition to the Trend sharpening range allows you to take chisels, plane irons, knives and other edge tools to the next level for the ultimate edge.

The Trend Mirror Paste has a unique formula that has taken two years of development to perfect to achieve a paste that offers a quick cutting speed while retaining a fine abrasion to allow an edge to be refined and polished for the keenest of edges.

Used on a leather strop, a small amount is applied and the tool worked over the paste to spread and load the strop. The paste starts to work immediately, darkening to indicate the steel is being abraded to refine the scratch pattern to a highly polished mirror finish and increase the sharpness to the next level.
Once loaded, the strop only needs an occasional refresh with a small amount of paste to continue the polishing and refining performance. The paste can also be used on buffing wheels or shaped profile blocks for stropping turning and carving tools.

25th October: New Trend Snappy Auger bit set

Trend Snappy six-piece four-flute Auger bit set with quick-change shank and extension bit in a protective carry case.

Product features:

  • Quick chuck shank for use in quick change chucks.
  • Four flutes for quick efficient drilling of wood based materials, and faster chip ejection.
  • Screw thread centre point for centring and self-feed.
  • Four scribers/spurs for clean entrance hole.
  • Suitable for heavy duty drilling.
  • Five diameters 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.
  • For use in impact driver except 32mm bit diameter.
  • Includes 152mm extension bit to increase drilling depth.
  • 15.5mm diameter head.
  • 13mm bit for mortises.
  • 16mm bit for mortises.
  • 20mm bit for mortises.
  • 25mm bit for tubular latches.
  • 32mm bit for night latch.
  • Use in torque control drills to prevent wrist injury.
  • Supplied in contoured storage case with soft thermoplastic rubber (TPR) edging to protect tools and for easier handling.

19th October: Limited Edition Diamond Sharpening Kit

Our New Limited Edition Diamond Sharpening set contains everything you need to give a polished, razor sharp edge back to your blades and tools, all stored in a sturdy aluminium case, great for use on site or at home in your workshop.

Containing not one but two Diamond sharpening bench stones to meet all your sharpening requirements, lapping fluid, leather strop and honing paste. As well as a handy and informative printed guide giving you great tips and sharpening know-how from the experts.

Only available whilst stocks last.

Kit contains:

  • 1 x DWS/CP8/FC Bench stone
  • 1 x DWS/CP8/FX Bench stone
  • 1 x DWS/LF/100 Lapping fluid
  • 1 x DWS/HP/LS/A Leather strop
  • 1 x DWS/HP/100 Honing compound bar
  • 1 x BOOK/DWS Booklet
  • 1 x Alloy storage case

For full details click here

10th October: New Birdsmouth cutters

Two new Tungsten Carbide Tipped straight two-flute Birdsmouth router cutters, perfect for making 6, 8 and 12 sided barrels or planters.

10/50X1/2TC: 30/60 degree for 12 and 6-sided barrels dia 41mm x 22.2mm cut.
10/51X1/2TC: 45 degree for 8-sided barrels dia 38mm x 22.2mm cut.

Product Features

  • Two fluted for clean finish.
  • Tungsten carbide tipped for abrasive timbers.
  • Fast and accurate to use as one side is machined on work piece to form joint.
  • A notch is cut into one side of the timber for a larger glue surface.
  • For timber 22mm thick.
  • 1/2-inch shank.
  • For 6-sided or 8-sided timber machined face side up.
  • For 12-sided timber machines face side down.

13th September: Remove damaged screws or bolts with ease

Trend Grabit set

The Trend Grabit set has been designed for those screws or bolts that just don't seem to want to be removed and either through age or lack of quality have a damaged head, making removal through normal means near impossible.

Also available in a micro four piece set; Micro Grabit (GRAB/ME1/SET)
Capable of removing screws in sizes: No. 5 - 14 and Bolts M3 - M6

Made from High Speed Steel, they effectively and quickly enable the removal of damaged or broken screws or bolts from wood, plastic and metal. Included in a small carry case, the Grabit set is neatly and safely stored away, ready for when you need it.

Product Features:

  • Made from High Speed Steel.
  • Carry case included.
  • Quickly removes damaged or broken screws and bolts from wood, plastic and metal.


GRAB/SE2/SET removes screw sizes: No. 5 - 24 and Bolts M4 - M12
GRAB/ME1/SET removes screw sizes: No. 5 - 14 and Bolts M3 - M6

30th August: Team Trend called into action

Team Trend helping out a local nonprofit charity run cafe

We organise and help various charitable projects throughout the year. One of our latest projects, to support the Food For All charity, was to transform an ageing local business, Gokula Vegetarian Cafe, into a; modern, thriving and chilled out space for the local community. No easy task. However, we sent Team Trend to the rescue. With years of expertise and know how and using some of our time saving innovative products, in a matter of a few days we had transformed the cafe.

To see how the transformation went and some of the products we used, you can watch the full video here.

Great thanks to Jason and Tim, from JPW Carpentry & Joinery for their commitment and enthusiasm.

11th August: Important Saftey Nottice - T35AL - 115V

We have become aware that some of the T35AL dust extractors have a manufacturing wiring assembly defect.

This wiring defect concerns the mains plug which has been wired reversed L/N polarity. We have been advised that there is no risk in use of the product however the product should be checked and reworked where applicable.
The serial numbers affected are:

35-00001 to 35-000320, date code 2017.

Machines with a blue or green dot on the rating plate or carton are not affected.

If you have purchased a T35AL in this these serial number range please call Trend Customer Services on 01923 249911 who can advise you of the check that is required and how it can be rectified.

Thank you for your co-operation and please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Product Notice: No. PN5 Notice issued: 9th August 2017

4th August: 3 Great kits for new woodworkers

New to routing and not sure where to start? We have 3 great promotional kits to set you on the right path.

All 3 kits contain a variety of accessories to ensure you have everything you need for your first routing project.

Plan on using your new router on site? 110v models are also included in this promotion.

25th July: 3 Great Routing Deals for Tradesman

The best Tradesman use the best tools.

That's because the right tool for the job saves time, delivers the perfect finish and therefore saves you money and builds up your reputation. Our tools and accessories are world renowned for being the best and now we have some great promotions running, meaning even bigger savings for you, whilst stocks last.

240v T5 and 110v T5 routers are both available in this promotion.

For full details or to find your nearest Trend Stockist click here

25th July: 3 Great Routing Deals for Tradesman

Consider yourself a woodworker or just getting into DIY? We've got various kits to suit.

You can get the highly versatile and powerful T5 Router, plus a range of tools, jigs and accessories to suit your needs in one of 3 great Woodworker promotional bundles and make big savings.
For full details or to find your nearest Trend Stockist click here

Need some inspiration?If you are in need of extra storage in your shed (or house) build your own cabinets & drawers with our T5 and Dovetail jig kit (T5EB/KIT/F) and follow some of our easy project articles found here

27th June: Claim up to two free accessories with the purchase of a trade jig

Free Accessories with every Jig
Claim up to two great free accessories when you purchase a jig from our trade range.

These adaptable and easy to use jigs will you save you time and ensure a perfect finish on every job, with little hassle.

How do I claim my free accessories?
Upon purchase, fill in the claim form and follow the simple instructions and within a matter of days, we´ll send out your free accessories.
It couldn´t be easier.

To view our range of jigs click here or head to your nearest Trend stockist for more details.

22nd June: T5 Router Promotional deals

T5 Router Promotional offers

Kick off your summer of woodworking projects with the highly versatile and powerful T5 Router. Capable of meeting all your routing demands, the T5 is an award winning router that is packed full of features. Whats more, it´s now on sale and can be combined with some of our other great products for even bigger savings.

For more details check out our latest catalogue, InProfile magazine, in store or online..

15th May: 2017 Catalogue now available

Our 2017 Routing and Woodworking Catalogue is available now and for free.

Showcasing our latest and greatest innovative products. There are multiple ways to get your hands on it and view all of our great new products;
Pick up your free copy, in store from one of our 250 stockists throughout the UK or order it online and we´ll deliver it straight to your door. If you can´t wait for the postman, you can also read it online instantly.

For more details or to order your free copy head to our 2017 Catalogues page.

9th May: ACE/7 Discontinustion notice

AIRACE P3(R) Filter Accessory Ref. ACE/7 Discontinuation

We are sorry to have to announce that the accessory P3(R) filter for the AIRACE Ref. ACE/7 has been discontinued.

There has been an on-going supply issue of the bespoke filter material and holding frame used to manufacture the filter to meet the 99.95% filtration requirement. This issue unfortunately cannot currently be resolved. The AIRACE and the standard P2 filters are unaffected by this supply issue.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

7th May: New Workshop Router Table

Workshop Router Table

The new floor standing Workshop Router Table has a large 804mm x 604mm tabletop, with 6.35mm thick alloy insert plate to hold router so minimising loss of depth of cut, and inserts to suit different router cutter diameters. The router table includes a no-volt release switch, top & side pressures and pushstick for safety. The aluminium back fence has a large dust spout, sliding cheeks and an edge planning facility. The tabletop is 890mm high and sits on a steel frame with adjustable feet for uneven surfaces. There are a selection of accessories available to increase the tables versatility including a pair of additional safety pressures, lockable castor wheels to allow easy movement around workshop and an adjustable height back-fence stop for stopped mouldings.

Product features:

  • Large table top 804mm x 604mm.
  • Steel frame for stability, with 890mm working height.
  • 6.35mm thick aluminium insert router plate to minimise cutter depth loss with rings to reduce hole size.
  • Aluminium back fence with sliding cheeks to reduce aperture size and 57.5mm dust spout.
  • No volt release safety switch, safety pressures, guards and pushstick.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Aluminium insert plate with 2 rings.
  • 1 x Back fence with dust spout, top pressure and safety guard.
  • 1 x Side pressure guard.
  • 1 x No-volt release switch.
  • 1 x Lead on pin.
  • 1 x Mitre fence.
  • 1 x Pushstick.

6th May: New Classs M T35A Dust Extractor

Equally at home in the workshop or the jobsite, the new Trend T35A (Class M) extractor offers ultimate performance and protection from fine dust generated by power tools, including MDF dust.

Designed for professional use, the extractor offers Industry rated dust control to home woodworkers as well as the trade and has a durable, impact resistant tank with a 27 litre dry pick up capacity and also has a 16 litre wet pickup facility.

The auto shaker facility keeps the Hepa 0.3 micron cartridge filter free of excessive dust build up and the extractor also has a blockage warning light to ensure maximum performance at all times.An auto-start socket allows power tools to control the extractor with a five second run on to clear any residual dust once the tool is switched off.

A maximum of 2200watts can be plugged into the auto-start socket (1000watts on the 115v model).Alongside the extraction capabilities the T35A can also be used as a blower and it comes supplied with a complete set of floor cleaning tools, an extra-long 7 metre power cable and a 5 metre 39mm diameter hose, making the Class M Trend T35A a top class all rounder for micro fine dust, liquids and general clean up tasks.

Product Features:

  • Class M dust Wet & Dry extractor with power tool take off.
  • Powerful motor with HEPA filter and built in automatic filter shaker.
  • Auto start option for either 240v or 115v power tools 27 litre container.
  • Extra long power cable and hose for longer reach.
  • Floor cleaning kit, with crevice tool and round brush included.

Product contains:

  • 1 x HEPA filter.
  • 1 x Micro filter bag.
  • 1 x Floor cleaning kit.
  • 1 x Upholstery tool.
  • 1 x Crevice tool.
  • 1 x Power tool adaptor.
  • 1 x Round brush.

5th May: New 30-Piece 1/4-inch Shank Router Cutter Set

New router users are well catered for with our new 30 piece starter set.

The 1/4in (6.35mm) shanked set offers exceptional value and comprises fifteen bearing guided and fifteen unguided cutters in a range of common and popular moulds and profiles.

These include a range of guided Roundover and Ovolo's, rebaters and trimmers, alongside cove, chamfer and ogee cutters. The unguided cutters include straights, V-groove, dovetail and cove to allow the end user to experiment, enhance and create countless projects.

Each cutter has a two flute Tungsten Carbide tip design for clean finishes and durability making them ideal for both man made and solid timber applications and they come supplied in a foam lined aluminium storage case with indexed positions for each cutter for easy reference and selection.

Product Features:

    • Variety of types of guided and un-guided router cutters.
    • Two fluted for clean finish.
    • Tungsten carbide tipped for abrasive materials and is ideal for use on timber and manmade board.
    • 1/4-inch shank.
    • Fifteen unguided cutters and fifteen bearing guided cutters.

Set contents:

  • 1 x Straight 5mm x 12mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 6mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 8mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 10mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 12mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 14mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 16mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 18mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Straight 20mm x 20mm cut.
  • 1 x Dovetail 12.7mm x 13mm cut.
  • 1 x 45 Degree v groove 12.7mm x 9mm cut.
  • 1 x 60 Degree v groove 9.5mm x 9mm cut.
  • 2 x Cove R3.2mm x 6mm cut & R6.35mm x 10mm cut.
  • 1 x Classic panel 12.7mm x 9mm cut.
  • 1 x Guided trimmer 12.7mm x 13mm cut.
  • 1 x Guided 25 Degree chamfer x 16mm dia x 9mm cut.
  • 1 x Guided 45 Degree chamfer x 31.5mm dia x 13mm cut.
  • 1 x Guided R4mm roman ogee x 25mm dia x 12mm cut.
  • 1 x Guided rebate 9.5mm rebate x 28.6mm dia x 13mm cut.
  • 2 x Guided cove R6.3mm x 22mm dia x 12mm cut & R9.5mm x 28mm dia x 12mm cut.
  • 4 x Guided round over R3.2mm x 15mm dia x 7mm cut, R6.3mm x 22mm dia x 12mm cut, R7.9mm x 25mm dia x 14mm cut & R9.5mm x 28mm dia x 14mm cut.
  • 4 x Guided Ovolo R3.2mm x 16mm dia x 8mm cut, R6.5mm x 22mm dia x 12mm cut, R7.9mm x 25mm dia x 14mm cutÊ & R9.5mm x 28mm dia x 14mm cut.

5th May: New Heavy Duty Door Lifter Max. 200Kg

Heavy Duty Door Lifter

Carpenters, shopfitters, plasterers, dryliners, locksmiths and general builders will all benefit from our new Heavy Duty Door and Board Lifter.
As an aid to speeding up productivity, it will immediately become a sound investment and asset where awkward securing and alignment tasks involving heavy lifting is required.

The powerful pivoting lifter will make controlled lifting, positioning and securing of doors, panels and sheet materials up to 200kg (440lbs) a breeze as it not only lifts up to 60mm in height (2 3/8in) but also moves laterally, allowing precision alignment prior to fixing.

The robust steel construction has a large lifting flange to hold the work at the front, along with a non slip rubber foot pad to aid grip as you lift. Additionally, the lifter can also be operated with foot or knee pressure to suit the work being secured or positioned.

Product Features:

  • Allows up and down, and side to side movement to help when positioning door and wall panels.
  • Non slip rubber foot pad for better grip.
  • Will lift doors and boards up to 200kg (440 Ibs).
  • Makes it simple to position & fix door, panels & plasterboard.
  • Will lift up 60mm in height and parallel raises.
  • Can be used with the users foot or knee.
  • Ideal for carpenters, plasterers, dry liners and locksmiths.
  • Robust steel construction.

4th May: New COMBI JIG Square Edge Joint Bush Pack

For kitchen fitters who need a shallower 10mm inset on worktops in solid timber, composite, or square edge worktops, Trend have introduced a square edge joint bush pack (part no. CJ/SEB/PK) for use with the COMBI66 and COMBI1002 worktop jigs.

After the jig is set up for the female cut and clamped, the bushes are removed from jig when cutting the female joint.

Product features:

  • Pack of two precision made alloy bushes.
  • Use with COMBI66 and COMBI1002 jigs.
  • Allows 10mm inset joint to be cut.
    For composite, solid wood and square edge worktops.

4th May: New 14mm Diameter Two Flute Straight Router Cutter

Fitting high security multi point locks is an easier exercise with the new Trend 4/09X1/2TC Professional two flute straight cutter when routing out the lock bodies into timber and manmade doors.

The 115mm long Microgranular Tungsten Carbide tipped cutter has a 15mm diameter to provide perfect clearance for the lock casings and has a 63mm cut depth to make swift and clean mortices and slots every time.

Designed to use in tandem with the Trend 34/51X2TC cutter, the job of fitting these specialist locks becomes a far quicker, accurate and less stressful task.

Product Features:

  • Straight cutter for mortising and slotting.
  • Two fluted for clean finish.
  • Tungsten carbide tipped for abrasive materials and is ideal for use on timber and manmade board.
  • Diameter 15mm with 63mm cut length.
  • 1/2-inch shank.
  • Overall length 115mm.
  • Use in conjunction with multi-point lock system cutter Ref. 34/51X1/2TC.

1st May: New Trend Snappy 35mm Hinge Bit With Depth Stop

The new Trend Snappy 35mm Machine Bit with Depth Stop is designed to guarantee consistent clean holes for Euro style kitchen cupboard hinges.

With tungsten carbide tips for durability, it is ideally suited for drilling into MDF and laminated chipboard doors and should not be used on natural timber.

Depths between 9mm and 13mm are easily set with the adjustable collar; plus, with its viewing window it's simple to set to the desired depth by reading the position on the drill shank, eliminating the worries of drilling too deep and breaking through the face. As the drill reaches full depth the speed should be reduced to prevent the depth stop from marring the surface.

The drill design incorporates a centrepoint and scribes, ensuring it's easy to position the drill accurately to make controlled, clean and tear-free hinge recesses every time.

Complete with a quick change hex shank, as part of the popular Trend Snappy Quick Release System the drill is a direct fit to any Trend Snappy Chuck or it can be used in a standard drill chuck.

Product Features:

  • 35mm diameter hinge sinker with quick-change shank.
  • Lightweight depth stop to control drilling depth.
  • Adjustable height depth to suit hinge body height.
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped for longer life.
  • Ideal for MDF and laminated chipboard doors.
  • Quick and easy blind holes.

18th April: New Sizes Trend Snappy Drill Countersinks

The increasingly popular Trend Snappy Quick Release Drill System gains further momentum with the introduction of four new countersinks.

Designed to sit alongside the current range, these 82 degree, 9.5mm diameter tool steel countersinks include two choices that provide the correct clearance holes for no.7 (SNAP/CS/7C) and no.9 (SNAP/CS/9C) Imperial screw shank sizes. Two further options cover a no.10 clearance for hardwoods, (SNAP/CS/10H) with the final 6.3mm countersink diameter (SNAP/CS/1814) suitable for use with No.8 trim-head screws in hardwoods or No.10 trim-head screws in softwood.

Each countersink comes with its own replaceable High speed steel drill which is fully adjustable for length to suit the material being used. These new countersinks are also compatible with the newly launched Trend Snappy Rotating Depth Stop Accessory SNAP/ROT/DS.

Product Features:

  • Tool Steel countersink body with High Speed Steel drill bit for clean finish in timber.
  • Quick and easy drill countersinking in wood and wood based materials.
  • Adjustable drill depth and replaceable drill bits available.
  • Tools to suit clearance holes for No.6, No.7, No. 9 screws and pilot holes for trim screws.
  • Countersink diameters 9.5mm.
  • Quick-change shank fitting for quick and easy tool change in cordless drills and impact drivers.

17th April: New Trend Snappy Drill Countersink Rotating Depth Stop

Making consistent, controlled countersinks couldn't be easier with the new Trend Snappy Rotating Depth Stops.

Designed as a retrofit to the Trend Snappy Carbon Steel 9.5mm and 12.7mm Countersinks, (not suitable for TCT countersinks) they have high quality, precision ball bearings within the stops for a free running action that help to minimise marring as the stops contact the surface of the workpiece.

A specially designed clamping bolt secures the stop at the required depth for either countersinking or counterboring tasks while a large cavity within the stop helps reduce clogging as it cuts.

Product Features:

  • Retrofit depth stop for Trend Snappy Carbon Steel drill countersinks.
  • Adjustable in height to allow countersink, or counterbored hole.
  • Precision ball bearings to allow free rotation.
  • Non marring of material.
  • Not for TCT drill countersinks.

10th April: New PCD SawBlade for Gemstone

The latest materials need the latest technology to work them, with Trend at the forefront with the new PCD circular sawblade for cutting Gemstone worktops.

Constructed using a flat topped, chipped limited tooth geometry, the blade has a 5 degree negative hook to ensure a controlled cut complete with eight Polycrystalline Diamond cutting tips to deal with the highly abrasive Gemstone composition of recycled materials including glass and shell.

The blade is intended to be used to rough cut the Gemstone to around 5mm of the finished size, ready to be routed to the correct length with the Trend PCD Gemstone router cutter. The 160mm diameter blade has a 20mm bore and a 1.6mm plate with 2.4mm kerf is designed for use in professional circular saws and is also suitable for cutting cement fibreboard and similar materials.

Product Features:

  • 160mm diameter with 2.4mm kerf and 1.6mm plate and 20mm bore.
  • For use on professional portable circular saws.
  • Eight tooth high-quality industrial polycrystalline diamond cutting tips.
  • 10 degree top angle with negative 5 degree hook.
  • For roughing cut leaving 5mm overhang for router trimming.
  • Flat tooth design.
  • Chip limitor design.
  • Longer tool life on very abrasive materials.
  • Low cost per cut.
  • Optimized flat tooth geometry.
  • Gemstone worktop is made of 85% recycled material including glass and shell, the solid upper surface is extremely abrasive and requires diamond tools to cut it. Gemstone worktop has 6mm solid material bonded to a 28mm high performance chipboard core.
  • For 5mm overhand rough cut set circular saw for first depth of cut 3-4mm plunged in to the edge of the front side of the worktop, second cut at 10mm depth, and 40mm for final cut.
  • Final trimming of 5mm overhang should be made with a router, using of a PCD router cutter ref. PCD/GEM01X1/2.
  • Not for non-ferrous material, glass or stone.

7th April: New Slot Mortise Tools for Festool Domino

Tour new range of five professional spiral slotting cutters are a direct replacement for use in the revolutionary Festool Domino DF500.

The five sizes of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm correspond to the standard Domino dowels for high quality, like for like performance, creating perfect mortices every time.

Micro-granular Tungsten carbide Tips to each cutter ensures a fast cutting action offering durability and performance in both solid timber and abrasive man made materials alike, with a double spiral up-cut profile clearing debris from the mortices quickly and efficiently to increase productivity.

Product Features:

  • Festool Domino mortise system drilling tool accessory range.
  • Right hand spiral slot mortise tools.
  • Five sizes, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.
  • Double spiral up-cut drilling tools.
  • Tungsten carbide tipped for abrasive materials and is ideal for use on timber and manmade board.
  • Shank female threaded M6x0.75mm and with two flats for spanner removal.
  • Overall length 49mm.
  • Flute lengths: 4mm is 11 mm, 5mm is 20mm, 6mm and 8mm is 25mm, 10mm is 28mm.

7th April: New sawblades for DeWalt Flexvolt Circular and Bench Saw

The newest additions to the successful Trend CraftPro range of saw blades, offer an affordable but high quality alternative for the new DeWalt XR Flex Volt DCS575 Circular Saw and DCS7485 Bench Saw, with six new blades available; three in 190mm diameter and three in 210mm diameter.

Designed to match the manufacturers original kerf and plate thickness specifications, the new CraftPro blades come with 30mm diameter bores in 24, 36 and 60 tooth formats with Microgranular Carbide Tips for durable long lasting performance in abrasive sheet materials and timber alike.

Each saw plate is constructed from precision ground high grade alloy tool steel to maintain flatness with the tungsten carbide tips Silverbrazed into place for a secure and robust bond.

The raker toothed, alternate top bevel design, along with a 25 degree hook ensures the blades cut quickly, cleanly and efficiently in all materials to keep performance and battery run times to the max.

Product Features:

  • Tungsten carbide tipped for abrasive materials and is ideal for use on timber and manmade board.
  • Microgranular Carbide Tips for abrasive materials and long lasting performance.
  • Silverbraze to ensure tip is bonded securely to body.
  • High grade alloy tool steel plate body precision ground to maintain flatness.
  • Alternate top bevel with raker tooth.

6th April: New Multi-point Lock Recessing Router Cutter

We have made the task of fitting high security multi-point lock systems into wooden doors, as demanded by some insurance companies, a far simpler and quicker task with the new Professional Multi-point Lock System Cutter.

Designed to fit a 1/2in capacity router, it has a bearing guide on the shank to allow the full length channels for the mechanism to be made with the door led flat, without the need for a side fence to ensure a perfectly true profile parallel to the door face.

The two flute Tungsten Carbide Tipped cutter has a stepped profile to rout a 'T' slot groove of 20.5mm/14.2mm in the door edge, setting the depth perfectly to leave the faceplate flush with clearance below to allow free movement of the mechanism. The cutter can be used in conjunction with the new Trend Professional Two Flute Straight Cutter 4/09/1/2TC to rout the lock case mortices for a complete solution.

Product Features:

  • For stepped grooves to accept multi-point lock systems.
  • Two fluted for clean finish.
  • Tungsten carbide tipped for abrasive materials and is ideal for use on timber and manmade board.
  • Bearing guided on shank to allow cutter guidance without a side-fence being required.
  • Diameter 43.45mm/25.05mm x 20.5/14.2mm cut length.
  • 1/2-inch shank.
  • Overall length 85mm.
  • Use in conjunction with 15mm straight two flute ref 4/09X1/2TC for the mortise bodies.

4th April: New Flexible Curve Guide

You can now rout your own curved templates with ease with the new Trend Flexible Curve.

Used with either a bearing guided flush trimming cutter or with a guide bush and cutter combination, the Flexible Curve can be used in two ways.
Screwed directly to the underside of the workpiece, the curve can be used to form a one off shape straight to the work without the need to make a template. It can also be fixed to suitable templating material such as MDF for making your own templates and patterns for precision perfect, repeat applications. Flexible enough to close down as tightly as 30mm internal and 35mm external radii for more intricate work, it is very diverse and adaptable.

Templates can be made by screwing the Flexible Curve Guide to a pre-drawn line or used for circular, elliptical and segmental arch templating.
Used as a free form by securing with a single screw it can be flexed to the desired curves and secured as you go; great for experimenting with ideas and shapes before committing to working expensive materials.

Made from a high quality durable material, and in either 500mm or 1000mm options, the smooth outer edge of the Flexible Curve Guide will work internal and external curves with ease, leaving no additional clean up to the template material once routed.

Product Features:

  • Used to make a pattern allowing the shape to be cut repeatedly with excellent precision.
  • Will produce precise and clean individual pieces, it is designed for round, segmental or elliptical arch shapes, any kind of curve, and cutouts in different shapes.
  • Minimum inside radius is 30mm and 35mm outside.
  • If screw holes on one side of the workpiece present no problem, and you are working on a one-off piece, then the flexible curve can be mounted directly on the underside of the workpiece.
  • For MDF boards up to 10mm thickness.
  • 8mm thick and 8mm wide (except for the fixing holes)
  • A rough cut on a band saw should always be made before use.
  • An 8mm packing piece should be fitted under one edge of the router to keep stable whilst routing.
  • For use with bearing guided cutters or template guide bushes.
  • Flexible material has included fixing holes to allow mounting to template material.
  • Includes 2.5mm x 16mm Pozi countersunk screws (18pc for 500mm and 36pc for 1000mm).

21st February: New Trend Snappy 15pcs Screwdriver Bit Set

We have launched a brand new fifteen-piece drill bit set to the ever-popular Snappy range.

The set has been designed with ease of use in mind and features unique colour coded rings that allow quick and easy selection of the different bit types as well as a magnetic quick release chuck for instant bit setup and swapping. All of which is neatly stored in a durable carry case with belt clip.

Product Features:

  • Quality Torsion Zone Shank for longer life.
  • 14 Screwdriver bits.
  • Magnetic quick release Chuck.
  • Colour coded rings for easy bit selection.

Set Contains:

  • 2 x Pozi screwdriver bits.
  • 2 x Philips screwdriver bits.
  • 3 x Hex screwdriver bits.
  • 2 x Slotted screwdriver bits.
  • 5 x Torx screwdriver bits.
  • 1 x Magnetic quick release chuck.
  • 1 x Storage case and belt clip.