A collection of projects
for users of all abilities

Featured Projects

Classic Dresser

A full video-guide to planning and building a classic dresser.

Bathroom Storage

A simple but very stylish bathroom cabinet with plenty of storage for all your toiletries. 

Console Table

A neat and stylish console table made with wood rescued from a pile of old garden furniture!

TV Cabinet

Simple construction techniques mean you can very quickly make an impressive piece of furniture with just a few tools and skill.

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Arched Mirror

An elegant arched mirror frame constructed using a series of short wood lengths and butterfly insert joints. 

Baby Changing Station

A practical piece of furniture for the nursery making it the perfect height for nappy changing. 

Bathroom Cabinet

A traditionally styled cabinet with adjustable shelving which would enhance the look of any bathroom.

Bathroom Cupboard

With panel doors designed to fit within an alcove of a newly refurbished bathroom, living room, bedroom or a kitchen.

Bathroom Shelf Unit

A mix of traditional and modern styles have been used to create this very attractive shelving unit.

Bathroom Tower

This design is so universal that it could be used as a hallway unit or a display cabinet in the living room.

Chopping Box

Incorporating a small pullout tray which you can sweep your chopped vegetables to transfer to the pot.

Coffee Table

How a workshop clear-out resulted in a coffee table project, made from discarded mdf offcuts. 

Contemporary Table

This delicate but highly functional side table comprises of four octagonal legs, four top cross rails and an intersecting cross brace near the bottom.

Cube Shelves

A versatile shelving unit designed to be hung horizontally or at a 45 degree angle, your choice!

Desk Tidy

A very stylish solution for all that loose paperwork!

Dished Clock

Making a beautiful dished shaped clock with a router.

DVD Cabinet

An old oak wardrobe and the side of a packing case is transformed into this classic looking cabinet! 


A sturdy easel which will really brighten up any play area.

Framed Door

A traditional framed and panelled door created to a really professional standard with ease. 

Hall Table

This small console table project typifies the router´s complete versatility.

Inlay Pattern Template

This project shows how to create inlay patterns in timber and wood-based material.

Ladder Shelves

A modern style set of shelves in the design of a ladder, great for a room where space is at a premium.

Linen Fold Panel

How to create a linen fold pattern in timber and wood based material, using modern routing techniques.

MDF Bookcase

This useful little project, provides storage space that can be sited in any room in the house.

MDF Table

Cheap and easy to make, this is a great project for using up some of those "useful" MDF offcuts. 

Occasional Table

A small and a very simple occasional table using the box combing jig to provide the contrasting detailing on the joints.

Photo Clock

A fun versatile clock where you can exchange the photographs on the clock face in a matter of minutes

Pizza Cutting Board

A unique pizza cutting board, grooved into eight equal portions.

Plant Pot Holder

A modern upright style planter with panelled sides.


A tapered planter which would add a touch of class to any patio area.

Radiator Cover

This radiator cover is elegant in design and simple. It has a sturdy frame compared to flimsy ones you can buy.

Routing Bench

 Prolonged routing can take a serious toll on your back. This unique routing bench gives the perfect height for routing at eye level.

Side Table

A small French style side table with single drawer.

Turned Table

This study table has a heavily moulded base, made by making multiple passes with a variety of router cutter profiles.

Top Table

This is a quick low cost project in MDF using a template system. Great for making batches of furniture for selling.

Toy Vehicles & Trees

Utilising the vast range of intricately shaped cutters available, you can easily turn a two dimensional profile into a three dimensional object.

Vision Panel

Easy steps to rout a vision panel opening in a door, using an offset template.

Worktop Repair

Repair to a blown/raised/damaged surface of a laminated chipboard worktop using the Trend Timber Repair Kit.