18/80X1/2TC - Bearing guided panel cutter

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Machining of traditional panels and frame doors, formerly done on spindle moulders, can now be performed with heavy duty routers mounted in fixed positions, either overhead or inverted. These Raised Panel cutters run best at lower speeds and match our range of profile scribers. All are suitable for use on natural timber and MDF.

  • 8mm hank tools are for use with medium and heavy duty routers only.
  • Suitable panel mould for use with Ref. PSC/5. Available as set Ref. PDS/5.
86 mm
1/2 inch
12.7 mm
12.7 mm
15 degrees
71 mm
Shank Diameter
1/2 inch

For stationary machines at max. recommended speed 12,000 RPM

Product Image Product Ref Diagram No Description Quantity Required Price for 1
B127A - Bearing 1/2" diameter 3/16" bore B127A

Trend Router Cutter Bearing - for 3/16in bottom mounting

  • High quality ball bearing for free running against an edge to prevent heat build up.
  • 3/16in inside diameter for use on bottom mounted trimmer and profiling cutters.
  • 1/2in outside diameter for matched fit to trimming and templating cutters.
  • Bearings are grease packed for maximum efficiency and lifespan.
  • Shielding to both sides of the bearing prevents penetration of dust for maximum performance.
SP-C - Spare part pack SP-C

Spare part packs make ordering spares easier.

  • Packs include, hex key (if required), screw, washer and shield (if required).


Profile Scriber & Panel Cutters

How to use Profile Scriber and Panel cutters.

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