C226X1/2TC - Guided housing cutter


Template thickness should be 5mm thicker than cut length of cutter.

  • Can be used to rout both tenons and housings.
3/4 inch
19.1 mm
11.1 mm
19.1 mm
55 mm
Shank Diameter
1/2 inch
Product Image Product Ref Diagram No Description Quantity Required Price for 1
B19 - Bearing 3/4" diameter 1/4" bore B19

Trend Router Cutter Bearing - for 1/4in shank mounting

  • High quality ball bearing for free running against an edge to prevent heat build up.
  • 1/4in inside diameter for direct fit to router shanks and arbors.
  • 3/4in outside diameter for matched fit to trimming and templating cutters.
  • Bearings are grease packed for maximum efficiency and lifespan.
  • Shielding to both sides of the bearing prevents penetration of dust for maximum performance.


Straight Router Cutters Video

Our video guide to using straight router cutters which highlights the different types, grades and applications.

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