CNC Smartbench
Yeti Tools CNC SmartBench by Trend
The worlds first industrial, portable, 3D CNC router.

CNC Smartbench
CNC Smartbench CNC Smartbench CNC Smartbench CNC Smartbench CNC Smartbench CNC Smartbench CNC Smartbench CNC Smartbench

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SmartBench SmartBench SmartBench

Full 8' x 4' sheet size with a cutting height of 6".

Assembles in 3 minutes or less

Very accurate with a tolerance of 0.5mm.

SmartBench SmartBench SmartBench

Extraction system for clean operation.

Easy removal of router unit for cutter changes.

Automatic adjustment of cutter height.

SmartBench SmartBench SmartBench
Precision model with variable speed router.

Simple touchscreen controls.

Wi-Fi/USB Connectivity for simple file transfer.

  • With a 3 minute setup time, the SmartBench revolutionizes the industry by allowing you to take precise machining to the jobsite. Featuring a color touchpad handheld control unit that can receive jobs/cutting instructions via wi-fi or USB drive.
  • Full 4'x8' panel machining can be achieved, with a cutting height of almost 6" (Z height). Longer items can be tiled in the software allowing you to machine products that are longer than 8'.
  • Dust collection ready, the SmartBench allows you to work on other tasks while it drills, pockets, mortises, carves, or dados your project.
  • Take CNC routing out of the factory and into your workshop with SmartBench, the patented¬†large format, CNC router from YetiTool.
  • With it’s touchscreen assistant, light compactable frame and 3-axis cutting capability, everything has been reimagined in designing this industrial grade, user-friendly smart router.
  • Not only that,¬†it assembles in 3 minutes or less and can be stored in even the tightest of workshops/industrial units.
  • Now you can own a large format CNC at an affordable price with a space friendly footprint.

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The Trend CNC SmartBench in action

Available to buy in the following 3 packages.

Standalone CNC
Smartbench Smartbench

CNC Smartbench
and VCarve Pro Software Smartbench
CNC Smartbench,
T35A Vacuum Extractor
and VCarve Pro SoftwareSmartbench
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