CSB/AP19060 - Craft saw blade aluminium and plastic 190 x 60 teeth x 30


Trend Craft Pro saw blade - 190mm diameter 30mm bore 60tooth TCT

  • Specialist blade with -6 degree hook, 2.8 kerf with 1.9mm plate thickness for clean, safe cutting of plastics and alloys with mitre saws.
  • TCP (Triple Chip Profile) tungsten carbide tips ensure the cleanest of cuts for professional finishes.
  • For mitre saw use, aluminium and UPVC window components. Supplied with 20mm bushing washer for increased range of compatible saws including Makita LS0714.
  • Premium quality Microgranular Tungsten Carbide tips are silver brazed and precision ground for high end performance and edge retention across the board.
  • The Trend blade utilises a high grade alloy steel plate, hardened and tempered to maintain flat and true performance for assured accuracy and longevity.
  • For alloy cutting use a cutting lubricant such as Trendiwax. Wear gloves and clamp material securely.
7 1/2 inches
190 mm
30 mm
2.8 mm
Plate thick
1.9 mm
No. of Teeth
Tooth form
Neg 6 degrees
Quick Selector No.
Colour Code
Cut Finish
Extra fine
Max rpm
Product Image Product Ref Diagram No Description Quantity Required Price for 1
B19C - Bearing 3/4" diameter 1/2" bore B19C

Bearings are shielded to prevent penetration of dust and grease packed for life.

  • They should not be cleaned with solvent or lubricated as this will dissolve the grease and cause premature bearing failure.
  • Scrape off any resin build-up.
  • Always check the tightness of the fixing screw before using cutter.
COLL/12 - Collar pack COLL/12

Collar Packs are used for cutters with shank mounted bearings.

  • Packs include one collar, grub screw and hex key.
CSB/BW15B - Craft bush washer CSB/BW15B

Bushing washers supplied to reduce bore diameter for certain makes and models of saw.

  • The bushing washers must be pressed or glued into blade body of Trend Craft Pro sawblades only.
  • Loose bushing washers/rings must not be used.


Trend Craft Sawblades - Product Overview

Our range of CraftPro sawblades.

Trend Craft Pro Saw Blades - A Solution for Every Machine

A range of Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades designed for a professional finish in soft wood, hard wood, plasterboard, stone fibre board and particle board.

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