Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

Voting on our T18S Competition closes at midnight tonight - Have you voted yet? 

Fitting a kitchen must be done with great precision and with longevity in mind. With such a wide range of tasks and skills required, it's imperative to get the right tools for the job. Trend has the system for job completion, see below for more information.

Assuming you have a basic routing system (Router, Dust Extraction & PPE), you are now ready to explore Trend's Kitchen fitting Solutions:

Measuring & Marking Tools

When fitting a worktop, accurate measurements and precise markings are the foundation of a successful installation. Investing in high-quality measuring and marking tools and taking your time to ensure accuracy will result in a professional-looking and functional work surface that meets your needs and expectations.

200mm Digital Angle Rule

500mm Digital Angle Rule

Worktop Jig Offset Scribe

Carpenters Pencils

 Stainless steel rules that can be used to calculate angles quickly and accurately and are ideal for woodworking, construction and machining.

A Worktop Offset ScriberFor quickly positioning worktop jigs.

Medium grade carpenters pencils for softwood and hardwood.

Kitchen Worktop Jigs

A kitchen worktop jig is a specialized template or guide that aids in the accurate and precise cutting and shaping of kitchen worktops. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific needs of the project, but they typically include pre-determined cutouts, holes, and measurements that match the dimensions of sinks, hobs, and other fixtures.

900mm Worktop Jig
Fixed lengths for 400mm up to 900mm wide worktops.

700mm Worktop Jig
Fixed lengths for 250mm up to 700mm wide worktops.

Tradesman ALL IN ONE worktop jigs for up to 900mm worktops.
Hard-wearing CNC machined Compact Grade High-Pressure Laminate 12mm thick jig that cuts both parts of the joint in 15 minutes including setting up.

Worktop Jig

Heavy Duty Gripper Clamp

A concise range of F-Style quick action gripper clamps for a variety of clamping applications.

Worktop Router Cutters

Straight router cutters with a 12.7mm diameter are a practical choice for kitchen worktop installations due to their versatility, availability, and ability to deliver precise, clean, and professional edges. Whether you're fitting a laminate worktop, solid wood countertop, or composite material, these router cutters play a vital role in achieving the desired look and functionality of your kitchen surfaces.

1/4" 12.7mm x 25.4mm Straight Cutter

With bottom cut feature for general purpose slotting, grooving and 25mm deep cutting depth for medium duty morticing work. Suitable for compact laminate.

1/2" 12.7mm Trend CraftPro Worktop Joint Cutter

The essential cutter for routing post-formed joints with worktop jigs in tops up to 40mm thick.
 Especially suited for use on abrasive chipboard core laminate-faced worktops.

Worktop Bolts & ZIPBOLTS

Worktop bolts and zipbolts are essential components in kitchen and countertop installations, serving as reliable means to securely join and fasten worktops together or to cabinets.They play a crucial role in ensuring that the worktops remain stable, aligned, and aesthetically pleasing, contributing to the overall functionality and appearance of the kitchen. When properly installed, these fasteners provide a durable and long-lasting solution for worktop connections.

With a unique patented design for easy worktop joining and over four times faster than conventional bolts to fit.

Compact Laminate 100mm ZipBolts

For Worktop Thicknesses between 12mm - 15mm.

Slimline 158mm ZipBolts

For Worktop Thicknesses between 16mm - 25mm.

Standard 164mm ZipBolts

For Worktop Thicknesses between 26mm - 40mm.

150mm Worktop Bolts

Panel bolt connectors to connect worktop joint together.

1/2" 12.7mm Worktop Joint Cutter

Worktop joint cutter with Two Flute Carbide tips.

Beechwood Biscuits

Beechwood biscuits are good choices for woodworking because they provide accurate alignment, increased glue surface area, ease of use, and versatility. They contribute to the overall strength and durability of joints while maintaining a clean and visually appealing finish.


Beechwood biscuits expand when in contact with a woodworking adhesive such as PVA glue. They are ideal for strong, fast, and accurate jointing of hard and soft woods, plywood and composition board.

¼” 37.2mm Bearing Guided Biscuit Cutter 

Two flute carbide TCT tips for cutting biscuit slots in timber and timber-based materials.

½” 37.2mm Bearing Guided Biscuit Cutter  

Two flute carbide TCT tips for cutting biscuit slots in timber and timber based materials.

Draining Groove Jigs

Draining groove jigs are specialized tools used in kitchen and bathroom countertop installations to create precise and functional draining grooves. These grooves are designed to direct water away from the countertop surface, making them particularly useful in areas around sinks and cooktops.

Draining Groove Jig  

A precision jig for routing draining grooves in solid timber and compact laminate worktops when installing Belfast, farmhouse, and under-mount sinks.

½” 9.5mm Radius Draining Groove Cutter  

Perfect for fluted panels, coved edge detailing, stopped detailing work and more.

½” 6.0mm Radius Draining Groove Cutter  

These cove style cutters with two flutes, give radiused grooves for decorative panel finishes and board edges.

½” Flat Bottom Draining Groove Cutter  

Can be used on chipboard, MDF, softwood, and hardwood, and is useful for creating flat drain grooves.

½” Belfast Drip Cutter

These are ideal for engraving and decorative panel work.

Belfast Sink Jig  

For Routing Belfast /Butler sinks. Made from 12mm hardwearing CNC machined Compact Grade High-Pressure Laminate.
Will also allow drip channel groove to be routed on the underside of the worktop.

Hot Rod Jigs

A Hot Rod Jig is a specialized routing jig used specifically for the installation of heat-resistant hot rods in solid worktops. These hot rods are designed to prevent heat damage to the work surface, especially in kitchen installations where hot pans or cookware might come into contact with the countertop.

Hot Rod Jig  

Routing jig for routing grooves in solid work tops to accept 12mm diameter hot rods. Hot rods prevent heat damage to work surface

Cove radius 6.35mm x 19mm cut  

These cove style cutters with two flutes, give radiused grooves for decorative panel finishes and board edges.

Cove radius 12mm x 19mm cut 

Tungsten Carbide Tipped 2.0mm micro-granular tips for extra-long cutter life.

Hot rod 300mm Stainless Steel  

Protects timber worktop from heat.

Cabinet Hinge Jigs & Cutters

Cabinet hinge installation might seem like a straightforward task, but achieving precision and consistency can be challenging, especially when dealing with concelaed 'Euro' hinges. Cabinet hinge jigs and cabinet hinge cutters are both excellent tools that serve distinct but complementary roles in the cabinet hinge installation process. Jigs help with alignment and initial mortise preparation, while cutters excel at creating precise bore holes. 

35mm Concealed Hinge Jig
A precision drilling jig for installing concealed cabinet (‘euro-style’) hinges accurately and quickly

35mm TCT Concealed Hinge Jig Bit
A replacement 35mm precision machine bit for the Trend Concealed Cabinet Hinge Jig.

Trend Snappy 35mm Machine Bit 
Quick Release 35mm drill bit
with depth stop.

35mm Cylindrical Boring Bit
Hinge Sinking Cutter with 8mm shank for solid timber boards.

Cabinet Handle Jigs

Cabinet handle jigs offers precision and consistency in handle and knob installation. They simplify the process, save time, reduce errors, and ensure a professional appearance. These versatile and user-friendly jigs accommodate various hardware sizes and styles.

Cabinet Hardware Drilling Jig
A versatile drilling/marking jig that assists in the accurate and repetitive installation of cabinetry handles and knobs on a wide variety of door and drawer fronts.

Pocket Hole Jigs

Pocket hole joinery serve as a versatile method for creating strong joints, providing a clean and professional appearance to assembled components.
Portable pocket hole jigs are ideal for repair and alteration work when fitting and maintaining kitchens.

3-in-1 Pocket Hole Jig Kit
Multi-function jig for drilling 9.5mm pocket hole joints suited to both new and repair work. Unique drill depth setting system for fast set-up on materials from 12.7 to 38mm.

Twin Pocket Hole Jig
Adaptable and portable ‘Go Anywhere’ Pocket Hole Jig for new projects, strengthening and repair work in materials from 12.7mm up to 38mm thick

Pocket Hole Clamps

There is lots of different clamp styles which play a key role in ensuring accurate alignment and securing pieces tightly together for a seamless and sturdy result. Explore just a few clamps below which are best suited for pocket hole joinery.

Pocket Hole Jig Face Clamp
For clamping portable pocket hole jigs to material up to 19mm thick. 

Pocket Hole Jig Face Clamp
Perfectly aligns and holds the pocket hole joint, whilst the joint is screwed together. The 9.5mm pin is placed into a drilled pocket hole and clamped. 

Pocket Hole Screws

Coarse-threaded pocket hole screws are ideal for natrual woods, ensuring a secure grip, while fine-threaded screws are better suited for plywood, offering optimal holding power in different materials. Available in mutli-packs or individual sets.

Pocket Hole Screw Selection (850pc)
Square drive, self tapping, solid steel wood screws coated with Zinc to protect against rusting, Ideal for a variety of indoor projects. Contains a selection of different screw sizes and thread options in a heavy-duty plastic storage case.

7x30mm Coarse Pocket Hole Screws (500pc)
Square drive, self-tapping, solid steel wood screws coated with Zinc to protect against rusting, ideal for a variety of indoor projects. 30mm length coarse thread to suit 19mm softwood, plywood and particle board.